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Loadsy Interface

Create an account

Before creating your first test on loadsy, you need to create an account.

Create a project

Go to the Projects section and click on the Create Project button on the right top. Choose a name and hit enter, this will create your project and an example test script.

Run your test

Click on the project you just created

Select the Files tab to see and edit all your project files. Inside the scripts folder, there should be an example.ts file with a sample load test, modify the test to hit your endpoint or you can use https://loadsy.io/test as a dummy endpoint to test your script. The test should look like this:

/* This is a typescript example for loadsy */
const result: ILoadsyResponse = loadsy.get('https://loadsy.io/test', { }, 'Example call to loadsy');

export { };

Save the file if you haven’t already, then click on the Run Test tab and click on the Run test button.

By default it will run with 10 threads for 30 seconds. You will be able to see live results in the terminal on the right.

After the test is completed, go to the, select your project and your load test. And voila, you can see all the detailed analysis results of the test you just ran.